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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 30: Hulu Plus update, Doptrix Evolution, ZipTrix

by Ian Black

Can Tetris be improved upon? Two new variations on the theme, Doptrix Evolution and ZipTrix, say, “Yes!”

Use this weekend to tour through old seasons of television with the fresh Hulu Plus update for tablets.

Hulu Plus update (Free)

There are quite a few options in streaming video, so you’re either a Hulu Plus subscriber or you’re not and that will determine your interest level in this update. The Hulu Plus app has been out for a while but this update delivers support for a specific list of Android tablets including Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Transformer Prime, Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive, Acer Iconia, and others.

For a complete list browse the app’s description. The updated UI takes advantage of the additional real estate.

Doptrix Evolution (Free)

The new release of Doptrix picks up where the first version left off. Doptrix began as twist on Tetris that allowed you to flip and turn the board. This new version adds four new game modes: Classic+, which allows you to swap shapes before you fling them onto the board; Reflection, where the board flips with each new shape that pops up; Survival, in which new pieces are randomly placed on the board, and Distinctive, where you have a limited number of shapes to work with.

Like the first Doptrix, this one lets you choose different sizes for the boards.

ZipTrix ($0.99)

This feels like a lighthearted remake of Tetris. It’s got challenges requiring you to fit falling shapes into specific holes in walls in order to remove the wall and continue playing. It’s features bonuses that raise your score for completing two, three, and four rows with one shape. Completing four with one shape is the ultimate bonus called a “ZipTrix.”

The game gets harder as you complete more levels. You’ll find already placed shapes, blocks, and other obstacles to confound and challenge you and remind you that this is not the original game of Tetris.