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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 27: 8tracks update, Mafia Game, Midnight Basketball

by Ian Black

Music fans should check out the tablet update for 8tracks for some awesome user-generated playlists.In fresh Android games, become a crime boss in Mafia Game or shoot some night-time hoops in Midnight Basketball.

8tracks update (Free)

This update provides tablet support – including the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy slates – for the popular and highly-rated music app. With so many music apps out there, why do people like this one? The key is the curated playlists. In-the-know music reviewers and fans, or those with plenty of time on their hands, build digital mix-tapes of their faves and publish them here for others to enjoy.

The reviews say the app provides a great way to discover new music and artists and that the playlist compilations are fun and insightful. The app’s name doesn’t stem from the old in-dash tape players – although it does wink at them – it comes from the fact that each playlist has eight or more tracks.

Mafia Game (Free)

We can thank movie director Francis Ford Coppola for the world’s fascination with the Mafia (with a tip of the cap to Mario Puzo who wrote the original book that inspired the movie, The Godfather). In the movie, the world of organized crime is made to look operatically dramatic, with grand themes and beautiful settings.

This mob-inspired app gets a little more gritty than that with the plotline of the Mafia’s battle of chieftains in Las Vegas in the 1950s when the casino explosion first began. Start your career as a foot soldier and move up the crime-boss ladder – gaining skills and making kills along the way – until you’re in charge.

Midnight Basketball (Free)

The hoops hoopla doesn’t need to end with March Madness. You can continue  late into the evenings of spring with this highly-rated basketball game. The best part? The realistic physics of shooting a ball at the basket, say players, even though everything else about the game – the settings, trick shots, and effects – are pure fantasy.

Shoot as many baskets as you can in 60 seconds using your finger to fling the ball. You earn extra points for high-altitude “sky balls”, tricks, and moving the ball so fast it bursts into flames. Enjoy the tension of consecutive baskets, the cool special effects, and the darkness of the night landscapes.