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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 26: Politico for Tablet, The King of Fighters, One touch Drawing

by Ian Black

Join the political debate over your Android with Politico for Tablet, then have some fun with The King of Fighters Android and One touch Drawing.

Politico for Tablet (Free)

You know what time it is. The 2012 Presidential Election campaign is well underway, even though the Republican Party is still trying to figure out which person to nominate. In this election, you’ll be able to use your Android device more than ever before to follow candidates, research important issues, and participate in the process.

With this fresh app, the popular political news app arrives on Android tablets. The contributing journalists deliver all the latest news on political speeches, votes, primary results and much more. Save your favorite content, share it over email, and adjust the text size for easier reading.

The King of Fighters Android ($4.99)

Like to fight? Pick your champion, step through training exercises where you can practice the controls and combos, then choose either one-on-one battles or three-on-three style fights.

This fresh game faithfully translates a hit arcade game to Android. In addition to the brawls, you can unlock trading cards, stories, sketch art and other content. At the moment, only a few Android devices are officially supported (check the description in the Google Play Store for details) so double-check yours.

One touch Drawing (Free)

Here’s a neat game based on a simple idea. Draw the shapes and figures you see on the screen without lifting your finger from your Android’s screen. Easier said than done as the drawings become more complicated, but the game makers don’t stop there.

You’ll find additional elements that ratchet up the difficulty including red lines that must be draw exactly twice, directional one-way arrows that limit your options, and yellow warp points that jump you to another point on the map.