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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 21: Weather Flow, Gravity Project, Special Forces

by Ian Black

Do you feel the forward momentum of the Google Play Store? If not, take a look at: Weather Flow – the most beautiful weather app this season, Gravity Project – where you run until you drop, and Special Forces – in which you get the job done, no matter the challenges.

Weather Flow ($1.99)

Yeah, there’s no shortage of weather apps on Android, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a look at this fresh one. Distinction Ltd, the creator, strives for excellence in app user experience and its Cocktail Flow app remains a prime example of beautiful design meeting great usefulness.

This app comes with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich-style interface and includes multiple configurable themes, including one enticing named Holo. Adjust the settings to match the look of your Android or your mood. Then browse the detailed forecast across multiple cities from a database of over 80,000 locations.

Gravity Project (Free)

Go, go, go! This 3-D running game leaves the story behind in favor of all out action. Your goal: get as far down the tube as you can. But it won’t be easy. You’ll find barriers, laser walls and canons, and many other obstacles aiming to slow you down or stop you dead in your tracks.

Think mind-blowing sci-fi environments, great sound effects, cool soundtrack and realistic animation of the sprinting main character, and, of course, intense gravity physics as you jump, slide and switch to running on the wall or ceiling to make forward progress.

Special Forces (Free)

Feel like getting up close and personal with terrorists? This app can help. First, purchase some advanced weapon then head out to your mission. You’ll want to shoot the bad guys as quickly and as often as possible.

The game uses locations from the Middle East, dark alleys, subway stations and other claustrophobic locales. Take out your aggressions in this safe environment but don’t forget to install Adobe Flash Player on your device, ‘cause this game requires it.