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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 14: Scramble With Friends, GrooVe IP Lite, Samurai vs Zombies Defense

by Ian Black

Dear Alec Baldwin, please use the fresh Scramble With Friends responsibly and obey all air travel rules and regulations while playing.

Need a break from your bills? Save money with voice calls by downloading GrooVe IP Lite and carve your way through ancient Japan with Samurai vs Zombies Defense.

Scramble With Friends Free (Free)

Don’t be a puzzle recluse! Some sit quietly with a word scramble puzzle in their armchair alone by the fire. With this app, you can solve word scrambles and still be social over your Android device.

Compete for high score in three, two-minute turn-based rounds against friends or, if you prefer, random strangers. Like the famous Word With Friends, this Zynga game offers power-ips like Freeze Time, Inspire, and Scramble, to give you a temporary advantage. Just remember, your opponent can use power-ups as well.

GrooVe IP Lite (Free)

Ka-Blam, voice minutes! No more watching your voice minutes creep inevitably toward your monthly limit. This app connects your mobile phone to Google Voice using VoIP (Internet calling) and works over a Wi-Fi connection for Android phones and tablets. In fact, if you have an Android device without a mobile plan you can turn it into a phone when connected to Wi-Fi, say the creators.

If you purchase the paid version of this app, they will remove the ads and add features like calls that work over a data connection as well as other things.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense (Free)

This zombie game is a cut above. It’s the plot of Kurosawa’s classic film Seven Samurai, except with the undead. You must protect a simple village in ancient Japan from invading marauders – yep, the zombies – and use your sword, bow and arrow, mystical spirits and magical powers to send them to their final resting place.

What’s cool? Lots! Instead of the usual ripped duds, these zombies sport traditional Japanese kabuki regalia with masks, robes and special headgear. The background displays beautiful cartoon versions of pagodas, arched bridges, cherry trees and more. Oh, yeah, and then there are the decapitations.