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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 12: Jelli Radio, Photo 360º by Sfera, Drone Attack

by Ian Black

We turned our clocks forward and the first official day of spring comes next week. I’m starting to hear birds again and the fresh apps are blooming in the Google Play store.

Jelli Radio puts the airwaves in your two capable hands, Photo 360º by Sfera delivers a 360-degree view or your surroundings or yourself, and Drone Attack lets you take the first strike.

Jelli Radio (Free)

User controlled radio? It’s either the beginning of a revolution or a clever corporate gimmick destined to boost ratings. In either case, it’s free to try and your votes help choose what plays next.

See the list of upcoming songs on multiple stations of various genres, then vote up your favorites and down the ones that hurt your ears. Send “rocket” requests of tunes not on the list that you’d like to hear and then track the ones that get airtime. You’ll find a Jelli community online that are ready to banter about music you enjoy.

Photo 360º by Sfera (Free)

You’ve heard of panoramic 360-degree photos before but this app offers some interesting features and suggests some great ideas on how to use them. First, you don’t need to snap multiple shots and ask the app to “stitch” them together. Just launch the app, start a 360-degree photo and turn in place to capture the world all around you.

The app’s description also mentions using the app to capture 360-degree photos of objects or people. You can walk clockwise around someone or something to see it from all sides. Imagine using this to ask someone else whether or not he or she likes something you plan to buy? The app can also capture sound and add it to your panorama just before you post it to Facebook.

Drone Attack (Free)

Predator drones are much in the news as they are used now more than ever in combat. In this app, you control one in the midst of battle. Fortunately, it’s armed with missiles, machine guns and bombs. You’ll face enemy jets, helicopters, and tanks all trying to shoot your drone out of the sky.

The game offers three stages with 20 levels and the fight-to-live survival mode. Expect realistic physics, excellent animated explosions, nail biting action, and leaderboards based on Scoreloop.