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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 9: Apex Launcher, Sketch Easy, Mouse Great Escape

by Ian Black

Is it art imitates Android or Android imitates art? We may never know, but you don’t need to spend time wondering, just sculpt your homescreen into a digital representation of your inner child with the fresh Apex Launcher or draw a still life of the world around you using Sketch Easy.

Who moved your cheese? I’m guessing it’s the main character of Mouse Great Escape.

Apex Launcher (Free)

Note: This app only works for the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based devices. Customize with your Android’s homescreen with powerful flexible launcher utility by making up to nine screens, change the grid-size, insert fancy transitions effects, hide elements you don’t want, use gestures like pinch and double-tap, and much more.

Long press almost any object to bring up a pop-up menu of options that include – uninstalling apps, editing labels and icons, and creating new folders. When you’re done with your homescreen work of art, the app lets you lock it up so that others won’t mess with it.

Sketch Easy (Free)

Every nerd has an artist inside waiting to bust out in a flourish of brushstrokes and paint. With this app, turn your Android screen into blank canvas of various sizes that you can paint on with 14 different brushes and a wide spectrum of color. Size the drawing tools from thick to fine. If you make a mistake, use the eraser or the undo tool to fix the error.

When you’ve completed your masterpiece, save it to an SD card, share it with any other app on your device, or send it out to the world.

Mouse Great Escape (Free)

No secret here – mice love cheese. But, this unfortunate mouse is stuck inside a block puzzle with his cheese on the outside. You must reunite the rodent with his dinner by sliding the wooden blocks up and down or side to side to clear a path.

Unblock Me fans will feel right at home with the style of gameplay but will enjoy the differences. The game offers two modes of play: Relax Mode, where, as the name suggests, there’s no score to stress you out, and Challenge Mode, in which you face global leaderboard showing the fewest moves to solve the maze. Thousands of maps and moves are on the way, say the creators.