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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 8: H&R Block At Home 1040EZ, TurboTax 2011, Demolition Master 3D

by Ian Black

Your taxes are no match for your Android. Two fresh apps – H&R Block At Home 1040EZ and the updated TurboTax 2011 – have arrived to help turn the mountainous task of filing into a little molehill.

When it’s time for fun, download Demolition Master 3D and make stuff go boom!

H&R Block At Home 1040EZ (Free)

There’s no avoiding your taxes, so why not let your Android and this app make doing them a little easier. How’s this for easy? Grab your W-2 form, launch this app, snap a photo, watch it pre-fill your info based on your W-2, and then press a button to e-file your taxes for free.

There are a few criteria – you must be single or married filing jointly, have income of $100,000 or less, rent or lease a dwelling, have no dependants, and have a thirst for adventure!

TurboTax 2011 (Free)

Need more options for Android e-filing? If you’re toting an Android 3.0+ tablet, give this app a try. Here, you’ll use your big touch-screen to quickly answer some simple questions the app asks you. Then watch it crunch the data to get your every deduction and credit you should.

One hitch: filing your Federal taxes will cost you $29.99 through the app and filing your state adds $36.99. Your smug Android satisfaction is free.

Demolition Master 3D ($1.99)

No doubt, after all this filing of taxes you’ll be ready to blow something up, and that’s where this app comes in. Imagine realistic platforms placed in beautiful 3-D exotic locations that you need to destroy with the strategic placement of explosives.

Pick your locale (one of five choices that include Shanghai and Cairo), then face your challenge (one of 110 levels). You’ll find a steel, wood and concrete structure and a case of four different types of bombs. Plant the explosives in the right places and the whole thing will collapse when you press the power button.