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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 6: Sonar, OverSkreen, Archer - Bow Man Free

by Ian Black

Your Android is about to become a mobile matchmaker. The popular iOS service Sonar has freshly released an Android beta with features that aren’t yet launched for iPhone. Check out the details below.

Stay hands-on with the web even while using other Android apps with Overskreen (floating browser) and practice for this summer’s Olympics using Archer – Bow Man Free.

Sonar (Free)

Find out which of your friends and others that you are connected to you are nearby anytime and anywhere. This beta of the popular iPhone service is so fresh it isn’t yet available in the Android Market. Sign-up for access to the beta at the link above. If you don’t have an invitation promo code, you can still request access and the creators promise to move you up in the list if you invite others to join via a social network.

The app searches foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to match your whereabouts to those in your networks. It will then list your friends in one list, and those connected but not directly in another and show you through what services you match up. From there, it’s easy to say “hi” and rendezvous.

OverSkreen (floating browser) ($1.49)

How much do you multitask? Sure, Android lets you run many apps at the same time but you still need to switch between them to interact with an app. Enter this “overscreen” app which lets you lay a browser window over any other app you have running. When might you use it? What about Googling whatever info another app presents, or Facebooking while watching Netflix? The list of possibilities seems endless.

Float a browser window anywhere on your phone or tablet, and then move, resize or minimize it. For those clinically ADHD, you can even run multiple browser windows at the same time. Supports Adobe Flash on Android 3.0+ devices.

Archer – Bow Man Free (Free)

Why wait for the 2012 London Olympics this summer to get excited about archery? Get on point with this Android game. You can practice your bow and arrow skills in three different modes.

Duel against your Android in the section where you fire arrows against an enemy, hoping to disable him before he strikes you down. In castle defense mode, you stand atop a castle and shoot down at an invading army with a variety of arrows with special powers (bombs, multi-point and so on). Or, in the target practice section, shoot down incoming canon balls before they destroy your castle. And yes, your character does wear tights!