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Opera Mini Next tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

It’s been a busy week for Android apps, especially with the rise of mobile web browsing. Just days after Google released its Chrome browser for Android, Opera Mini launches a new browser app just to preview their upcoming plans for Android devices. Clik is another notable launch, turning your Android device into a remote control for anything with a web browser. Domino’s Pizza also recognizes the power of mobile, unveiling a new app in the Android Market for placing orders on-the-go.

Opera Mini Next web browser (Free)

Opera’s been a long-standing supporter of Android devices, delivering a mobile-specific browsing experience on-the-go. But with competition rising, even from Google’s Chrome browser, Opera turns to its advanced Android users to test upcoming versions. Opera Next gives you a sneak preview of what to expect from future versions of Opera, with an opportunity to preview features still under development and become an integral part of the testing phase.

Clik (Free)

Another browser-related app, Clik lets you “turn any screen into your screen.” It’s like a YouTube remote that turns your Android device into a controller so you can play on the big screen what you’re doing on the mobile screen. It’s another take on shared content between connected devices, even enabling multiple Android users to control the same screen. The app could be used to watch videos on a larger screen, play music from your Android device and much more.

Domino’s Pizza USA (Free)

Known for its convenience, Domino’s Pizza launched an Android app to expedite orders. You can place an order at most of its 5,000 locations, accessing all the tasty items on the menu. The app also acts as a coupon delivery portal, which you can redeem at select stores. The app will remember your recent store locations as well as previous orders, making it easy to place another order in the future. You can make an order for delivery or pick-up, choosing your toppings, pasta sides, dessert and drinks. Catching up with rivals Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, this app was a long time coming.

Lookout Ad Network Detector (Free)

With a steady rise in aggressive ads on Android devices, Lookout Mobile Security launched yet another app to keep consumers safe and knowledgeable. Their Ad Network Detector will scan your phone for the presence of the most common ad networks used in mobile apps, giving you insight as to what types of ads can be displayed. More importantly, this app will tell you what information is being gathered by these ad networks, so you can determine whether or not you want to keep the app on your phone. Privacy is a growing concern for mobile users, especially after the Carrier IQ debacle where software was found to be gathering consumer information on behalf of network carriers. Aggressive ad networks may be legal and devoid of malware, but it’s important to keep track of your personal data.

StumbleUpon update (Free)

StumbleUpon received an update for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to make social bookmarking a more mobile affair. The app lets you share content more easily with NFC support, leveraging the Android Beam feature in ICS. Demonstrated at MWC this week, StumbleUpon makes fast sharing and content discovery between devices. Other updates include a new Android Action Bar to unify the user experience across the board, along with widgets to see hot topics around the web.

Glympse update (Free)

Also showing off a freshly updated app at MWC is Glympse, with its own take on Android Beam. Glympse lets you temporarily broadcast your current location, and now lets you add a time factor to your check-in, saying where you plan to be. The new Tap-n-Track feature is for Android 4.0 ICS users, using Beam to auto-share locations with other Glympse users. Another feature update is the Calendar integration, allowing you to send a Glympse automatically based on your calendar appointments. Glympse imports all the necessary info, like recipients, time frame and destination. The app celebrates 2 million Android downloads this week.