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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 28: Squats Pro, Meltdown on Mars THD, Parking Frenzy 2.0

by Ian Black

Welcome to the end of the month. Oh, that’s right, it’s a leap year which means you have one extra day this month to download some fresh Android apps. Get in shape with Squats Pro, fight to live with Meltdown on Mars THD, and practice the Y-Turn with Parking Frenzy 2.0.

Squats Pro (Free)

Take your Android to the gym with you. With apps like this, it will help you stay on track and may even pump you up.

This app aims to increase your abilities to do squats and provides a personalized plan with sets and repetitions to get you there. Hold your Android in your hands as you drop and the app will use your device’s sensors to count for you. It’s the latest in a series of exercise apps from NorthPark that includes Push Ups, Pull Ups, and Sit Ups. The apps share information that shows your progress across the group.

Meltdown on Mars THD ($3.99)

One is the loneliest number! You play the last survivor of a bustling Mars colony that has been overrun by huge alien bugs. You have only one mission: stay alive long enough to get off planet or until a rescue team arrives.

Fortunately, you have some serious weapons at the ready and, as you slaughter the bugs, you earn more points with which to buy automatic gun turrets, mines, barricades and other over-powered defenses. Use the landscape to your advantage by leading the aliens down tight alleys and into corners so that you can blow them away. Don’t forget your Tegra-based tablet because that’s what the app was designed to run on.

Parking Frenzy 2.0 (Free)

And you thought the test for your driver’s license was tough. Unlike your standard racing game, this game focuses on stopping and, specifically, parking your car. Sounds easy except that you’ll find many challenges like yellow construction cones, traffic, one-way streets and other cars that want your spot.

On screen controls for steering, forward and reverse, and gas pedal work like a real car. Make a mistake – like hitting a barrier – and you’ll damage your vehicle and lose points. Park perfectly and you can level up through 16 stages. But, the reviews say you’ll be left wanting more.