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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 24: Air Display, Box Slider, Magician’s Handbook

by Ian Black

Did you survive school vacation week? If so, you have the weekend to recover, then it’s back to the grind of school (or work for vacationing parents). Grab some last moments of freedom with some fresh Android apps. Air Display makes your Android tablet a second window into your PC or Mac, Box Slider delivers new puzzle fun, and Magician’s Handbook makes search-and-find magically beautiful.

Air Display ($9.99)

Most everyone could use more screen real estate. This app, first out on iPad, makes that possible by turning your Android tablet into an extra screen for your PC or Mac personal computer, provided both your computer and your tablet are running off the same Wi-Fi network.

How would you use it? Put your communication apps – Facebook, email, chat – onto the tablet screen while leaving your main screen for doing real work. Or, use the tablet to control the palettes and tools you use in complex software like Photoshop. Don’t forget, everything on the screen will respond to touch input. How cool is that?

Box Slider (Free)

Ready for a new puzzle app? The idea is to slide crates around a grid board to connect three crates of the same color, blowing them up and removing them from the screen. Clear the board and you move on to the next level. At first glance, you might think it’s like the popular gem games but you’ll soon find it trickier than that. For added challenges, the board features electric barriers, bombs and other obstacles you’ll need to slide around. Get into trouble and you’ll have to hunt for the box repair power-up.

A tutorial will help get you started and the developers promise new levels are coming soon. Find out what all the rave reviews are talking about.

Magician’s Handbook (Free)

This game is perfect for search and find fans! A magician’s handbook has been stolen and it’s your job to retrieve it. Your quest brings you to a fantastical place where you must hunt for objects in detailed and beautifully drawn paintings. When you find all the objects on a drawing, a page of the handbook will be revealed. There are twelve pages in total.

Expect great artwork, challenging puzzles, and incantations that you must piece together by locating magical phrases within a field of words. Mini-games inside the search game will magically repel any boredom and you can play in either casual or apprentice modes.