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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 23: Simply Hired, Ceramic Destroyer, Soldiers of Glory: WW2 Free

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh list brings what might be the start of your new career with the job search app Simply Hired. In games, use Ceramic Destroyer to practice your demolition skills and Soldiers of Glory: WW2 Free to see how you would perform under fire in World War II.

Simply Hired (Free)

Need a new or better job? Try this free app, hooked to the powerful Simply Hired job search engine.

The “simple” of the title isn’t just a label; it’s a design principle. From the home screen, type in your search keywords which can be skills, job title, a company and/or a location and you’re off. When the results appear, you can save individual job descriptions, email them to yourself or a friend, or apply to the job directly from the app. Save your searches for trying again another day.

Ceramic Destroyer (Free)

Scratch your primal itch to blow stuff up! This game displays beautiful ceramic models of objects like guitars, candy, fruit, butterflies, seahorses and robots for you to destroy. Plant and throw various bombs and score points based on the percentage of the models you blast to smithereens.

Use the catapult to toss the green bombs, tap the screen to split the blue bomb into three mini-bombs, touch the screen to place the yellow bomb in different places around a model, and drag your finger to chart the course of the purple bomb. You’ll need to smash 90 percent of the ceramics to level up.

Soldiers of Glory: WW2 Free (Free)

Tower defense gets real and goes retro in this return to the battlefields of World War II. You play as a commander of allied forces in Europe. The levels of the game match the significant milestones of the war from the beaches of Normandy to the taking of Berlin.

The game provides an initial set of “upgrade points” that you use to buy realistic WWII weapons like mortars, cannons, machines, and surface to air missiles. Set the weapons in strategic placements to fight off the Nazi attacks. You’ll face tanks, infantry soldiers, even bomber planes and you’ll wonder how the allies ever won the war.