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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 21: What’s My Heart Rate, Devil Hunter, Legendary Heroes

by Ian Black

Hopefully, this column welcomes you back from a long weekend. Here are some fresh apps to get you back in the groove. What’s My Heart Rate aims to keep you healthy, Devil Hunter sends the bad guys to meet their maker, and Legendary Heroes lets you make history on the battlefield.

What’s My Heart Rate (Free)

Measuring a heart rate by placing a finger on the wrist or neck is so last century. This app tracks your heart rate through the camera lens of your Android device. It seems that your heart beat causes micro-changes on the surface skin of your face – which can be detected with your device and this app.

There’s no need to make contact between the camera lens and the skin of the person you’re measuring. The app’s description says it’s good for checking the heart rate of babies or the elderly. Check it out yourself for free.

Devil Hunter (Free)

Here’s the backstory: One bad night, monsters took over a village and chased all the villagers away. Now, it’s the villager’s turn to take back the night.

This physics puzzler provides the weapons – heavy stones, strong chains and big bombs – to win the fight but you must push, pull and pop them in the proper sequence to send the monsters to their doom. You’ll thrill to the chilling graphics, the clever puzzles and cute monsters, and you’ll spend hours solving the challenges.

Read the hundreds of rave reviews to learn how addictive it is.

Legendary Heroes (Free)

There are heroes and then there are legendary heroes. Figure out which type you are by taking part in this real-time action strategy game. Control three characters (with names like SoulTaker and Ravager) simultaneously, each with their own special abilities, and plot a combined strategy that will defeat your opponents.

Assemble your team, venture out into the unknown on a quest, and battle to win. After battles, boost your team’s skills – making them stronger, faster and tougher – by buying power-ups.