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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 16: Mathway, The Sims FreePlay, Fragger, Cheese Tower

by Ian Black

School vacation week arrives next week for in many U.S. states. Plan how you’ll survive the week with a few fresh Android apps. Mathway carves a path through math homework, The Sims FreePlay lets you create another world of characters, Fragger blows you away, and Cheese Tower stands tall amongst games.

Mathway (Free)

Need extra help with your math homework? Let your Android – with the help of this app – do it for you. Sound too good to be true? Give it a try. Enter your math problem in the categories of basic math, trigonometry, pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, or statistics and watch the app solve it. The app’s description in the Android Market says tens of millions of problems have already been solved.

With an optional upgrade, the app will walk your through the solution step-by-step and teach you how to do it yourself. The app will either be cheered or jeered by teachers, although I’m pretty sure students will love it.

The Sims FreePlay (Free)

If you didn’t get what you wanted on Valentine’s Day, perhaps this free gift will satisfy. This new Sims game lets you play, as the title suggests, for free. You can create up to 16 Sims from head to toe – enough for a small neighborhood or a football team.

Design and build homes with pets and outdoor gardens, prepare meals, and start careers that will earn your Sim’s “simoleons” to buy clothes, accessories and furniture. Set and complete goals in order to gain extra Lifestyle points. When it’s day for you, it’s daytime for your Sims and your night is their's too. Wi-Fi is required.

Fragger (Free)

Like to blow stuff up? On the website, Fragger has been played over a 100 million times. Did you catch that? 100 Million! I’d say this mobile version is worth checking out.

Use your finger to set the direction and the strength of your character’s grenade toss and then watch it blast modern terrorists, ancient mariners, evil Santas and other opponents in eleven different worlds through over 340 levels. Find out why the reviews say it's addictive fun.

Cheese Tower (Free)

You play Jimmy, a recently retired military cat. Because of the bad economy, you must take a night security job at a local cheese factory. Unfortunately, while the cat has been away the mice have set up shop. The business’ cheese towers are all infiltrated with mice. You must tap the gray mouse blocks to remove them from the cheese towers but keep as many of the cheese blocks from falling as you can. Drop or destroy three cheese blocks and you’ll be fired.