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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 15: My Battery Drain Analyser, Cartoon Camera, Tappily Ever After

by Ian Black

Feeling hung-over from the yesterday’s love overdose? Find out why your battery’s drained with My Battery Drain Analyser. Then, get your silly back with Tappily Ever After and Cartoon Camera.

My Battery Drain Analyser (Free)

Sure, you know your smartphone battery doesn’t last all day, but do you know why? This nifty battery analyzer computes the percentage drain per-hour so you can start to figure out what your device is doing when it’s sucking juice faster than a non-hybrid SUV.

Launch the app and let it run as you normally use your phone. Then, page through the summary results that show the time/date, battery life percentage left, and color chart (red = bad, green = good) of battery remaining. The app even tracks charging events and how they impact the battery.

Cartoon Camera (Free)

I used to think my life was like a movie, but now it reminds me of a comic book. View what your life would look like if it were hand-drawn by downloading this loony app.

The app uses your device camera to display real-time effects of cartoon, sepia, white strokes, dark strokes, and colored edges. Auto-focus with a single tap and capture the image with an on-screen button press. It also supports digital zoom and your device’s flash. Take a look at the images in the AndroidApps description to see how it will change your perspective on the world.

Tappily Ever After (Free)

One of yesterday’s love stories spilled over into today. Princess Primrose has been kidnapped and it’s up to you to rescue her, complete the fairy tale, and build the fantasy kingdom in time for the royal wedding.

The makers of Tap Zoo return with a story within an app. Construct a castle and gardens, complete with a menagerie of mythical creatures that you can tame and cross breed. Help write the fable down page-by-page with your own customizations and decorations. Prove, once and for all, that your Android has a heart and a soul!