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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 14: Powow: Text Messaging, Fireballs HD, Hearts Free

by Ian Black

Love is in the air and on your Android device this Valentine’s Day. Boldly declare your intentions with Powow: Text Messaging, feed the flames of your desire with Fireballs HD, and cross your fingers that you don’t get played in Hearts Free.

Powow: Test Messaging (Free)

Your true love will probably be texting you today – so why not upgrade to the enhanced text messaging that this app provides?

Use the home screen widget to scroll through your 20 most recent texts or allow the pop-up notifications to display your new messages without having to exit an app or browser. This app imports contacts photos from Facebook, Twitter, Google Contacts or LinkedIn to liven up your conversations and lets you delete individual messages or entire threads easily. What’s not to love?

Fireballs HD (Free)

Let me guess – today you feel like a hunka, hunka burning love? This app can relate. Steer your flaming rock left or right with easy on-screen controls. The goal: stay alive and don’t run into the screen’s border or into the fire trail left by another player’s path. The app plays like a molten multiplayer version of the old cell game, Snake.

It works on phones or tablets and pits between two and four players against each other in real-time. The only thing missing? Single player mode because no one gets to be alone today.

Hearts Free (Free)

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve; lay it flat down on the table and play to win! While you wait for those special moments with your loved one, while away the time playing the classic card game, Hearts.

Choose your opponents from a group of 15 AI card sharks of varying skill from beginner to expert. Then, set your options for the Jack of Diamonds and for the number of cards you pass. Get into trouble and you can undo your last move or get a hint from the app. New players will find rules to the game but it won’t stop fools from rushing in.