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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 13: Sleep Deeply, Pinball Arcade, Zenonia 4

by Ian Black

My Android just became more important in my life. Now, it delivers pinball machine fun to wherever and whenever I am with Pinball Arcade. For some assistance with your sleep habits, try Sleep Deeply and for a return to a magical land, download Zenonia 4.

Sleep Deeply ($4.99)

Any good day begins with a good night’s rest. Millions – maybe billions – don’t get all the rest they should, but perhaps your Android device can help.

This award wining-app comes from a UK hypnotherapist who aims to lull you to sleep through hypnotic relaxation sessions. Video FAQs explain the process, audio clips prepare you for a night of rest, then three hypnosis sessions called Relax Completely, Sleep Deeply and Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions, deliver the ZZZZZs.

Pinball Arcade (Free)

Pinball hasn’t disappeared. Like everything else, it’s just in the process of going digital and mobile. This app take real classic pinball arcade games from the official makers – Williams, Bally, Stern Pinball, and Goettileb – and puts them, fully playable, on your Android phone or tablet.

This first release includes Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Theatre of Magic, and Black Hole. Monthly updates will deliver classic pinball tables like Medieval Madness, Black Knight, Attack From Mars, Funhouse, Space Shuttle, Circus Voltaire, and more.

Zenonia 4 (Free)

Gamevil keeps ratcheting up the intensity of their successful fantasy adventure role-playing game Zenonia. In this fourth edition, Return of the Legend, everything goes HD and extreme.

This, they claim, marks “the best looking Zenonia ever”. Expect vivid landscapes of snow-covered mountains, lush gardens and detailed dungeons. And then there’s the action. In an expanded player vs. player mode, you can challenge others with devastating attacks of whirlwinds, lightning and energy blasts. Take part as the heroes Regret, Chael, Ecne and Lu rejoin forces to save this fantasy world.