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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 8: My Pills, Helidroid 3D, Magic Portals Free

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh list proves, once again, that your Android handles both the practical and the playful. Manage your medicine with My Pills, go airborne with Helidroid 3D: Helicopter RC, and teleport your way through Magic Portals Free.

My Pills ($2.99)

Anyone who takes more than one prescription at a time knows how difficult it can be to keep track of times and dosages. A mobile device makes the perfect reminder vehicle because it’s almost always around and an app provides a great mechanism.

This app lets you manage multiple medicines for more than one person. The home screen widgets tell you when to take the next dose and how much time remains until then. At each alarm, you choose to take, skip or postpone, and later, you can review a report of the last week or month.

Helidroid 3D: Helicopter RC (Free)

Remote control helicopters deliver great fun – until they break. I dare any family with kids under ten to keep a toy helicopter intact for more than one hour. This app provides a way to enjoy an RC helicopter virtually, so you won’t have to worry about the crashes.

Complete over 30 missions all inside a 3D house specifically outfitted for your chopper. The first tasks are easy – fly from the table to the desk – but they become increasingly harder until you’re landing on moving toy trains and shooting toy cars as they drive along a racetrack.

Magic Portals Free (Free)

Many games deliver so called “realistic physics” but this one adds a little fantasy fun. Guide the purple wizard through the 2-D castle, level by level. The game works like a standard platform puzzler except for the magic portals. These let you teleport anything – including the wizard, fire, spells, boulders and more – from one place to another in an instant.

Expect over 60 levels, imaginative scenes and detail, super-cool lighting effects, and hours of addictive gameplay.