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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 6: The Call of Sedona, iDatank, Infected

by Ian Black

It’s a new week and a new set of fresh Android apps. Find your Zen in The Call of Sedona, explore the dangerous universe with iDatank, and stop spread the disease in INFECTED.

The Call of Sedona ($0.99)

Whew! Football season has ended and with it the naked aggression that drives the sport. Strip off the team jersey, pop off the foam #1 finger, and go meditate in the spiritual vortex called Sedona, Arizona.

This app provides the beautiful imagery of the real place along with audio meditations by Ilchi Lee, author of the book, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart. You’ll find videos, a map and directions to Sedona’s vortex sites, plus inspirational quotes to bring you to the right frame of mind. Go chakra!

iDatank ($0.99)

In this game, space aliens don’t exactly share the peaceful mindset of ET: The Extra-Terrestrial. In fact, they pretty much want to kill everything they see. Fortunately, enterprising humans have sent out space exploration robots like the title character of this app to handle the advanced recon.

Gambol around 3-D asteroids while fighting off deadly creatures like monstrous space scorpions. Blast away with your death and freeze rays, then upgrade your battle focus to keep the bot functional. You must gather crystals to power the portal that will transport you to the next asteroid. The app doesn’t charge extra for its time distortion field that, say reviewers, will have you playing until 3 a.m. without knowing it.


You know the drill. A zombie virus has broken out across NYC. Your job is to strategize and employ the resources at hand – including New York cops, muggers, and oil tanker trucks – to stop the spread of the disease before it exits the city.

Play either in campaign or multiplayer mode. Infect other players by wining matches, then draw your Facebook friends into the chaos. Early players are requesting a pay version of the game because they say if the zombie virus doesn’t kill you, that the app’s micro transactions might.