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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 3: Waze 3.0, AI FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard, Cartoon Wars

by Marty Gabel

As we enter the weekend, we’ve got three more fresh Android apps to keep you occupied. Waze, the popular navigation app, got an update which truly makes it shine. Meanwhile, A.I.type released another keyboard into the Market which is perfect for tablets. Finally, we’ve got Cartoon Wars, a popular iOS title that’s finally available for Android gamers to enjoy.

Waze update (Free)

An already great (and popular) Android app just got a fresh coat of paint, and boy does it look good. Waze, for the uninitiated, is a GPS turn-by-turn navigation app that relies on community input for traffic snarl-ups and other potential obstacles. Version 3.0 sees new maps, a more driver-friendly UI and improved social features.

The app is now sharper, clearer and free of clutter. Icons are larger and easy to press. The maps can be twisted and rotated and everything generally seems snappier and smoother. Waze teamed up with Yelp and Foursquare too, to provide more detailed local information as its social features are what really sets it apart from other navigation apps.

AI FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard ($5.99)

Another day, another keyboard... Yep, we hear you, but you’ve got to admit: the wealth of different input options available for tablet and smartphone users is part of Android’s charm. A.I.type already have a number of well-reviewed keyboards in the Market, and FloatNSplit is a welcome and clever addition.

This split-keyboard "floats" above the screen and can be located anywhere on your tablet. It’s fairly small, it looks elegant and it occupies almost no screen real estate. What’s more, it can be easily moved and resized just by dragging and dropping. At $5.99, the price may seem steep, however the developers offer a two-day full refund guarantee if you don’t like it. Nicely done, A.I.type.

Cartoon Wars (Free)

Cartoon Wars (not to be confused with the already-released Cartoon Wars Gunner) is a new title from Gamevil that’s already made its mark on iOS devices. Though it’s essentially an action/arcade title, it mixes elements of both tower defense and real-time strategy to set it apart from its peers.

In Cartoon Wars, you command a unit of stick figures and must destroy your enemy’s castle. With 20 different kinds of unit available and 16 unique upgrades, there’s a lot of room for flexibility and customization. An infinite number of stages await so you’ll never get bored, and you can compare your strategy and effectiveness with your peers via the online leaderboards.