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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 1: Amuse, Giovanni’s Nightmare, Kill Box

by Ian Black

If the winter gets too dreary, download some fun with Amuse – 9gag, Cheezburger.In games, the fresh list brings platformer Giovanni’s Nightmare and the action-packed Kill Box.

Amuse – 9gag, Cheezburger (Free)

If you’re like me, you’re easily amused. This just-for-fun app helps lighten the mood by collecting content from a ton of image and video-based humor sites.

Use the default settings of all sites, or narrow down the list to comedy sites that you already know and enjoy. Easily browse the latest posts and share your favorites out via all the usual suspects social networks. Content sources include: The Demotivators, Rage Comics, Derp, Memebase, and many more.

Giovanni’s Nightmare (Free)

Little Giovanni is having a bad night. Trapped in a series of nightmare worlds, he can’t wake up without your help. You take the controls to help him run, jump, push stuff, climb ladders, and ride platforms like in Super Marios Bros. The psychedelic nightmare landscapes include the Goofy Garden, the Cake Cemetery, and the Crazy Kitchen.

Only two things give Giovanni the strength to carry on through his missions – alarm clocks and jelly beans – so collect as many as you can along the way.

Kill Box (Free)

This app’s title explains it all simply enough. An insidious robot army has taken over the world – and they all look alike, a simple green box with two eyes, two arms, and two legs. The Terminator – really an anime-style kid – remains Earth’s only hope. Fortunately, the boy has time, energy and some fun weapons to “kill box” all day long.

Keep in mind that the boy can use his plasma canon as a gun and as a club. Guns are more powerful than blades, and after enough kills you can upgrade to a “jetpack joyride”. Find out what all the positive reviews are about.