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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 31: Rumpus, TouchPal Keyboard Tablet, Finger Gravity, Smart Soccer 3D

by Ian Black

Did you ever learn Newton’s law of finger gravity? Some schools skip that lesson but you can study up in your own time by downloading a hands-on guide called Finger Gravity.

Revolt against music store recommendations with Rumpus, move up to better typing with TouchPal Keyboard Tablet, and shoot and score with Smart Soccer 3D.

Rumpus (Free)

Are you going to let online music stores’ recommendations drive all your music discoveries? Rumpus helps you chart your own path – on a big screen Android tablet.

Search for your favorite artists and band, dive deep into their videos, bios and discographies, then explore what artists influenced them and who they influenced. You’ll likely find a whole new gaggle of music you’ll like and when you do, the app lets you purchase the tracks immediately and download them to your Android.

TouchPal Keyboard Tablet (Free)

Remember the web browser wars? Those times remind me of today’s virtual keyboard battles. Seems lots of developers have a “better” idea on how to build one. Take TouchPal for example. You may have graduated to swipe-style keyboards but this keyboard says it out-swipes all the other guys with a more accurate predictive engine which will correctly suggest long words.

Switch easily between swiping and tapping and use gestures to split the keyboard in two for easier thumb reach.

Finger Gravity (Free)

Ready for something new? In this TRON-like world of objects outlined in light, there is no gravity. This means you must steer your ship by pulling and slinging it around with your finger. Sound easy? Don’t kid yourself. Laser canons, bullets, death rays and chaser bots all aim to spoil your fun and take out your ship. Try to gather up all the glowing stars before you exit to the next level.

This phone version will keep you occupied anywhere but for the full-experience, check out the HD tablet version.

Smart Soccer 3D (Free)

Perhaps all your soccer career needed was a nice big target in the goal. This app makes that dream a reality by placing a huge bulls-eye inside the net. Using your finger power, “kick” from any position on the field. Hit the blue outer ring for three points, the inner white ring for five points, and the center red for 10 points and five extra seconds on the clock.

Curve your finger to arc the ball. The speed and direction of your shot determine whether or not it’s a “goooooooaaaaaaalll”.