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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 30: Formspring, Bugs War, Yummy Burger Kids Cooking Game

by Ian Black

Burgers remain popular even in 2012. Get in on the burger joint biz with Yummy Burger Kids Cooking Game.

When you have a burning question, try using Formspring for an answer and for stopping pests, download Bugs War.

Formspring (Free)

Need another social network? Maybe if you ask a lot of questions you do. Formspring is specifically designed for asking questions of your online friends and getting answers back.

Enter your profile; let the app upload your contacts and friends, then start asking questions – from the trivial to the profound. People will respond with text or pictures. You can “smile” at the responses you like and when you answer questions, others can smile at yours.

Bugs War (Free)

So many bugs, so little time. Here you play the ultimate bug exterminator. The app’s screen will soon fill with exotic creepie-crawlies and each different species requires a different technique to kill it – some can be squashed with one finger, others need two, some need to be squeezed between two fingers, others need special tools which you can purchase through the in-app store. Play in story mode or endless mode.

Yummy Burger kids cooking game (Free)

The customers of your brand new burger restaurant are demanding, angry and short on time. It’s up to you to quickly and correct assemble their burgers to keep them happy and keep the money coming in.

Tap the ingredients – patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, bacon, mustard, ketchup and more – to build the burger and complete the order. Expect tricky customers, funny voices, and amusing sound effects in three different modes of play. Do well and you’ll be rewarded with a bigger restaurant, more toppings and more customers.