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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 25: RingDimmer, Mobile Threat Tracker, Devils at the Gate

by Ian Black

Yes, your smartphone sometimes causes you embarrassment. Think unrecognized voice commands, text sent to the wrong recipient and so on. But with apps like RingDimmer, it can also be your salvation.

Watch the new-age danger of mobile viruses with Mobile Threat Tracker and then calm yourself down by playing Devils at the Gate.

RingDimmer ($0.99)

Ever been that embarrassed smartphone owner whose ringtone blasts out in a quiet room? Or, have you missed calls because your ring was too soft for the background noise around you? RingDimmer to the rescue!

How does it work? The app listens to the ambient noise around your phone and adjusts the volume of the ringtone accordingly – down for quiet places and up for loud. Better still, the app features Smart Vibrate and turns on the jiggle when the time is right.

Mobile Threat Tracker (Free)

Want to give yourself a little scare? Download this dynamic view into smartphone threats. The app graphically displays the number and location of mobile phone malware and spyware that have been stopped by Lookout Mobile Security’s apps. You’ll see a 3-D globe of anonymous phone locations where threats were detected and stopped and a 2-D graph of the number of threats each day. Swipe backward to find the top three malware and spyware for each day.

Remember, this is really a data-based ad of sorts and won’t protect your phone against anything. The app directs you to the company’s Lookout Mobile Security app if the fear becomes too great.

Devils at the Gate (Free)

Your tower defense habit needs more character. This app delivers a character-filled war and you must direct and command the Patriots to fend off the invading Devils. Each side comes with colorful crew and each individual sports a personalized weapon. You decide who to send into action and where to put them. Your smart strategy can win the war.

Need more? Check out the vibrant 3-D maps featuring different scenes, including a village, a seaport, and a snowy mountain.