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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 23: Comodo Mobile Security Free AV, Osmos HD, Half Breed, Super Bit Dash

by Ian Black

One day, every human will be enhanced with advanced technology. Today, you can give that future a try by downloading the fresh Half Breed.

For more privacy and safety, try Comodo Mobile Security Free AV and, for fun, check out Osmos HD and Super Bit Dash.

Comodo Mobile Security Free AV (Free)

Still haven’t downloaded any security software to your Android? Don’t come crying to me when something bad happens; I’ve been warning you for a while now.

This security app provides “one touch” virus scans and the ability to schedule virus scans for any future convenient time. The scans cover every file and app you’ve downloaded and a “health check” feature even looks for unsafe settings. Block annoying text messages by keyword or set up a “private area” on your phone for contacts, phone numbers and text messages that no one else will be able to see, even if they borrow your phone.

Osmos HD ($2.99)

Just after yoga class, a first-person shooter game probably won’t be top of your mind. Enter the chill-out hit Osmos HD.

You’re a single celled organism called a “mote” and, to survive, you must start absorbing smaller motes by propelling yourself around the screen. Beware of other species that will end your peaceful existence, so keep floating along to the peaceful, ambient soundtrack.

Half Breed (Free)

You were born from a military experiment and you live as a “half breed” – half human, half alien. Now, you’re out for revenge against your creators. On their side is a bulk of advanced weapons and an obstacle-filled military complex. On your side are your special alien powers and weapons and your clever human mind that knows how to use them to strategic advantage.

Blast your way deeper and deeper into the compound with the death rays emanating from your finger tips or run and climb over every challenge the bad guys thrown into your path.

Super Bit Dash (Free)

Are you old enough to remember simple 8-bit graphics? Return to the thrilling days of yesteryear with this side scrolling platform game. Run like heck over through the platform maze and collect as many coins as you can. Modern swipe movements control how fast you run and how high you jump. The further you run, the more characters you unlock. Maybe if you run fast enough, you’ll get back to the future.