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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 18: TurboCollage, Call of Duty ELITE, Doptrix

by Ian Black

Tetris is such an epic game that it continues to evolve. Check out the latest twist called Doptrix.

To make an amazing photo collage, try TurboCollage and for better mission prep, download Call of Duty ELITE.

TurboCollage (Free)

Like to make a mash-up of your photos? This app can help. Drop your photos into a collage framework, add text, scale and rotate photos, resize text or change the color, switch between landscape and portrait modes, then change the order of the photos to make different ones more prominent.

The reviews say people enjoy fiddling with a collage to get it just right. The app lets you save a work-in-progress for additional editing later. When you’re all done, upload your art to Facebook.

Call of Duty ELITE (Free)

In case you’re not part of the Call of Duty (CoD) cult, here’s a clue – it’s more than just a first person shooter game. In multiplayer mode, you build a career of your mission stats. This app lets you take your CoD stats on the road from in-depth analysis and helps you figure out in what areas you excel and what skills could use some improvement.

Similarly, review the stats of your team and use it as talking points for your next briefing in the lobby before the next match. Requires CoD ELITE registration and CoD Modern Warfare 3.

Doptrix (Free)

This game turns your understanding of Tetris upside down and backwards. Instead of the standard setup, this new version allows you to rotate or flip the board before the next puzzle piece drops. You’ll find three different game modes, two board sizes, and customizable controls for manipulating the boards and pieces.

No ads, no charge. The Tetris revolution lives on!