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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 17: NBC, Chameleon Dash, Pirates of the Mystical Islands

by Ian Black

Mobile TV is hot. You already have a lot of choices and more are on the way. Read more about the new NBC app below.

For fun, download Chameleon Dash and Pirates of the Mystical Islands.

NBC (Free)

NBC embraced the web before a lot of broadcast TV networks and while they weren’t the fastest to mobile applications, it’s better late than never.

This app brings NBC to your Android including video highlights from your favorite shows, exclusive photos, show-based games and trivia, a schedule of upcoming episodes, and a customizable dashboard of news and happenings from the network. Want more? Look for full episodes coming soon.

Chameleon Dash (Free)

How about a colorful twist to the standard side-scrolling platform game? Here you’ll run and jump to move through a level, just like you’re used to, but when you land on a block that is not the same color as the chameleon, he’ll fall through. Change the chameleon’s color to match that of the blocks ahead and avoid the blobs of the same color (but pass right through those of a different color). Sounds confusing? Give it a try. Choose from three different worlds – candy, beach, or glacier – and get coloring.

Pirates of the Mystical Islands (Free)

Avast ye mateys! How about a little island hopping? The greedy pirate of this adventure will face any challenge – including sword-wielding buccaneers and bombs – in order to snatch the gold pieces o’ eight. The pirate gets deposited by his ship on an island and then must jump to adjacent islands to collect the coins while avoiding the enemy and other obstacles.

Try it and see for yourself why it's getting rave reviews.