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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 13: Guard My Angel, The Last Defender, Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition

by Ian Black

It’s nice to have someone to watch over you, but if no one’s around, you can rely on your Android with the fresh Guard My Angel app.

For fun, try The Last Defender or Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition.

Guard My Angel (Free)

Guardian angels might help ease your mind but this app works a little more practically. If you feel like you need a little protection, just set the timer on this app. It will immediately start tracking your location and movements and, if you don’t tap the “I’m OK” button before the timer expires, the app will inform your friends, family and followers via SMS, email and Facebook of your last known whereabouts.

Adjust the settings as to whom you’d like to alert and how to notify them. Select a pin code if you want to make sure only you can deactivate the alerts.

The Last Defender (Free)

You’re a highly paid mercenary, defending a company’s deep secrets against military invaders. At your disposal are the realistic weapons of modern combat including a cannon, bazooka, chase missile, mortars and more. Fight the encroaching armies on the ground or in the air by blowing up their vehicles and aircraft, and firing on individual soldiers.

For some extra cash, you can even out the odds by purchasing shields, enhanced ammo and air strikes from the in-app store.

Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition (Free)

Here’s a twist on a side-scrolling platform game. Instead of running to something, in this “extreme weather, extreme action” game, you run like hell away from deadly things including an angry yeti and an avalanche. It’s like you’re Indiana Jones in the Raiders of the Lost Ark tomb exit scene, except there are many levels and two modes – Endless and Time Trial.

Grab power-ups to help you run faster and use OpenFeint to draw your friends into the action.