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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 12: Dragon Go!, Vimeo, Maya Pyramid

by Ian Black

Stop taking your eyes off the road or looking at the people you’re with! Instead of tapping your Android, try talking to it with Dragon Go! Your friends, other drivers and pedestrians will all thank you.

Also in today’s fresh list, you’ll find the official Vimeo video service app debut and an “ancient” puzzle called Maya Pyramid.

Dragon Go! (Free)

Your Android walks the walk but can it talk the talk? This app brings voice assistance to your device – like Siri currently does for iPhone – but with a little less sass. The app comes from Nuance, one of the leaders in voice recognition/speech-to-text and it’s free, so it’s probably worth the time investment to check it out.

The description says the app will let you buy tickets for a show, answer puzzling questions to decide the winner of a bar bet, solve math problems, provide directions and more. Don’t have any friends to call, while out and about? No worries, Dragon Go! “gets you”.

Vimeo (Free)

Do you watch or post videos on Vimeo? Then, don’t hesitate to download the official Vimeo app that just landed in the Android Market. With it, you can publish video, even in HD, right from your Android device, and share them publicly or keep them private within a trusted circle. You can even pause and resume uploads at a later time, replace existing videos with a new version, or update all the description and metatag data of your video portfolio.

Rather watch? Then see the recommended videos based on your preferences or use keywords to search for content. Curated channels provide content categorized by others.

Maya Pyramid (Free)

Create your very own Mayan pyramid on your Android with this card and puzzle game. Solve card, coin, and other puzzles to unlock a treasure room which contains beautiful blocks that will form your pyramid. Hints help you stay on your game, power-ups provide tangible support like more time, and a store lets you buy some luck to keep playing longer. Choose your challenge mode – adventure, classic, or missions.

This was a hit on the iPad and is now fresh on Android. Fun for kids and adults. Let’s hope the Mayans were wrong about the end of the world in 2012.