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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 11: ClockworkMod Tether, Winter Wake-up, NoruhitoA

by Ian Black

Let’s hope for a future where your already expensive data plan includes the ability to tether your computer or tablet to it for no extra charge. Until then, use ClockworkMod Tether.

So far this winter in New England, snow stays elusive. When it does arrive, I’ll have Winter Wake-up on my side. Finally, stay straight with NoruhitoA.

ClockworkMod Tether (Free)

Like saving money? Who doesn’t! Tethering remains a mucho grande extra monthly expense for any data plan, so why not kick it to the curb with this new tethering app.

This app works when you connect your Android device to your computer via USB and it does not require you to have “root” control of your Android device. How does it work? A separate executable program installed to your PC, Mac or Linux-based computer creates a virtual network adapter there. This 14-day trial version is free but will switch to a 20MB limit per day after that until you upgrade to the paid version.

Winter Wake-up (Free)

Genius! Find a problem and solve it continues to be a mantra for successful app developers. For areas like New England, overnight winter storms can be a problem for one’s schedule. If you wake at your normal alarm setting, you may not have enough time to “dig out” or chisel off your vehicle before your job’s start time, first meeting or other commitment.

This app checks the weather in your location during the night, looking for either frost or snow conditions. During configuration, you set how much earlier than your standard alarm time to wake you for these different surprises. Never be late again!

NoruhitoA (Free)

How good is your balance? The fresh game will determine whether or not you answered that question honestly.

The goal is to keep your hero balanced on the ever-growing tower of blocks and ultimately to reach the moon. You have two controls – a left/right adjustment for placing new blocks and a jump button to get airborne when the balance meter tells you the tower is about to topple. Download the free game and figure out why it’s getting rave reviews.