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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 10: Garmin Smartphone Link, Tower Hero Climb, Cannon Legend

by Ian Black

Enhanced navigation may improve your life in 2012. If you own a Garmin device, download Garmin Smartphone Link for the smartest route info you’ve ever seen and heard.

For fun, try Tower Hero Climb Game for Kids and Cannon Legend.

Garmin Smartphone Link (Free)

Create a bond between your Garmin personal navigation device and your Android. Share important information between the two such as recently found and saved locations, current destination, traffic, where you parked and other stuff.

Some services require special subscriptions but include traffic camera photos, fuel prices in your local area and “advanced” weather reports. Perhaps this machine to machine communication will improve the way we get from point A to point B.

Tower Hero Climb Game for Kids (Free)

The title is a mouthful but the game is packed with fun. This tower worker must reach the top of the under-construction skyscraper and finish the job. To get from one floor to another our hero uses a colored ladder. Matching the two-toned colors with the floor and the ceiling are the only way to move upward and onward in levels.

In case you’re thinking the game sounds easy, you should know there’s a timer which limits your ability to plot out ladder positions. Fortunately, you can paint the floor and the ladder to match up the colors provided you have time. Still think it’s easy?

Cannon Legend (Free)

This fantasy world has fallen on hard times. Thousands of villages have been destroyed and an evil army started an invasion to finish off the survivors. The last hope for survival is you and your magic cannon. Time to live out your destiny and become a legend of defense.

Fire your cannon against wave after wave of attackers. You’ll have to repel dragons, war ships, giants and all manner of mystical warriors in this 3-D landscape. Each time you defeat a wave you receive a magic stone that upgrades your cannon’s abilities. Battle over three different worlds to save the day.