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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 6: Mister Spaghetti, Blobby Volleyball, Bingo Heaven HD

by Ian Black

Learn how to cook something new this year and you might as well start with the perfect plate of pasta using Mister Spaghetti. For fun, check out Blobby Volleyball or Bingo Heaven HD.

Mister Spaghetti (Free)

Raise your hand if you love pasta! This clever app provides everything you need to deliver a delicious dish of spaghetti. You’ll find a host of recipes but also smart measuring and timing tools to make sure you get it all right.

For measuring, enter the number of people you plan to serve and then fit your spaghetti inside the red circle on your Android’s screen to ensure the proper amount. Set an app timer for cooking the pasta and when the alarm sounds, just wave your hand over your phone to silence it – without the need to touch the screen with your messy chef hands.

Blobby Volleyball (Free)

It’s not just bikini-clad women that play beach volleyball. Red and blue blobs also enjoy the sport. This fresh Android game re-creates a popular PC game for the mobile world. Select from three different controls – slider, tilt sensor, or on-screen arrows – for guiding the blobs to hit the volleyball back over the net.

Then, play in three different modes: Angry Mode, where you try to score as many consecutive points as you can without losing a point; Mirror Mode, which lets you control both sides of the net; and Multiplayer Mode, where you play against a friend over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Bingo Heaven HD ($0.99)

If a game’s popular on Facebook, chances are it will also show up in the Android Market. Bingo Heaven is a case in point. Play against your friends, even if they are using the game over a PC or Facebook. Form and name your team, then hunt for the daily items hidden across the bingo boards to earn credits for the store.

When you’ve saved enough, buy crazy stuff like a swimming pool, a golf green, or beach umbrella from the bingo store.