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MyLife tops Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Who needs a bunch of social networking apps when they can consolidate everything into one? That’s the philosophy behind MyLife, a new Android app for busy social networkers on-the-go. Its release is accompanied by an extravagant marketing push, showing a lot of faith in the Android user base. CES attendees will be glad to know of the 2012 release of the CES Android app, helping them get around the conference and stay abreast of news. BuddyTV also made a splash with its programming companion, with personalized recommendations on TV shows, movies and even Netflix.

MyLife (Free)

MyLife launched a new Android app that lets you plug multiple social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, all in one place. Search profiles across all your networks, and see who’s been looking for you too. MyLife hopes to downsize your Android’s app library, centralizing your social networking needs into one app for keeping up with feeds, messages and search activity. MyLife is best used as a search and basic monitoring tool, which can be helpful for quick queries. The company plans on spending some $35 million in 2012 to promote its Personal Relationship Manager services, with a national TV campaign amongst other things. To gain access to its premium features, you’ll have to pay up.

2012 International CES (Free)

CES is just around the corner, kicking off next week on Jan. 10. Whether you plan on attending the event or merely want to keep up with the show, the 2012 International CES app is all you need. The official app from CES, you’ll get access to maps, the list of vendors and exhibitors, a scheduling tool and news updates. The scheduling tool can actually be very helpful, keeping you from too much toggling as you navigate your way through this massive annual conference. Select your sessions based on topic and speaker, and save it in your schedule for quick access later on. See related Twitter feeds, find friends that are also at the event, set up special alerts and check out their special offers.

BuddyTV Guide (Free)

It’s estimated that the Smart TV market will reach $265 billion by 2016, and BuddyTV is way ahead on this trend. With personalized recommendations on television programs, BuddyTV Guide is a handy Android app for anyone that hates flipping through dozens of useless stations from their cable or satellite provider. Set your favorite channels and they’ll be prioritized in the app. BuddyTV can alert you when a program you may find interesting is going to air, and you’ll even get suggestions on content from Netflix or Amazon Instant. It’s a lot easier than using your remote control’s arrow buttons to spell out your search, and easier to find interesting programs that often get “buried in the grid.” With a penchant for TiVo and Google TV, Buddy’s new guide is smart indeed.

Swearport ($0.99)

It’s always more fun to swear in another language, and Swearport can help you beat the language barrier. Swearport has curse words in over 50 languages, including definitions and audio recordings so you know exactly how the word is pronounced. Each swear word is rated according to intensity, so you’ll even get a lesson in language as you search for just the right obscenity in a given situation. Start by selecting the language you’d like to swear in, and you’ll hear a native speaker literally sound it out for you. There’s also a function where you shake your Android device, and Swearport will throw out a random execration for your listening enjoyment.

Steam for Android (Free)

The folks at IBF Programs have made an unofficial app for Steam, an app that will help you keep up with friends’ activity on-the-go. It puts your entire Steam gamer community at your fingertips, with updates on who’s online and who’s playing what game. From here you can check your group updates and even check for special offers. What’s more, the app’s been designed for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so the user interface is quite nice and already optimized for the latest version of Android’s OS.

avast! Mobile Security (Free)

The latest antivirus app for your Android, avast! Mobile Security protects your personal information with automated virus scans, and alerts that keep you from clicking on infected web links. There’s some anti-theft features as well, including remote SMS commands to wipe your Android device, lock it, set off a siren alarm, track it through GPS and audio monitoring so you can hear what your thief is up to. The option to hide apps makes it difficult for thieves to find and disable the security app, as today’s smartphone must outwit the bad guys at every turn.