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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 4: avast! Mobile Security, Tiki Kart 3D, Dead on Arrival

by Ian Black

Arrrgghhh! It’s the first time I’ve wanted to talk like a pirate this year. Maybe that’s because of the title of my fresh Android protection app – avast! Mobile Security.

When it’s time for fun, go for a ride in a volcano (Tiki Kart 3D) or help heal the undead (Dead on Arrival).

avast! Mobile Security (Free)

Face it. Your phone is now as much of a target of evil-doers as your PC. Make sure you use some type of security software. Here’s a new security app you can consider.

This app scans every app you download for viruses and malware. It will also scan apps again when launched in case they try anything funny. A map of all your app access rights and intents shows you where potential threats lie and, if you phone gets stolen, you can send it SMS messages to activate a siren, wipe data or lock the phone. To protect the security app from being found, you can change its name to something innocuous and friendly like “Ian’s innocent ideas”.

Tiki Kart 3D (Free)

What goes on in a volcano when no human is watching? Go kart races! It seems Tiki idols love to race in any crazy container they can find including pineapples, logs and bananas. Help them navigate through the twists and turns in this 3D driving game. Running over pineapple power-ups give you extra time and green arrow launching pads provide an extra boost of speed.

When the race turns ugly you can drop oil slicks, tar or mines to discourage other drivers because volcanoes are dangerous!

Dead on Arrival (Free)

Your emergency response team was told that a bomb went off in a building downtown and that the massive number of wounded civilians has overwhelmed the local hospital. Unfortunately, there’s more to the story because when you arrive at the hospital you’ll find yourself in the most exciting third-person survival shooter so far this year!

Grab some weapons and fend off hordes of the undead as you scout through the ravaged hospital wards. Kill for cash and the chance to unlock more powerful tools like chainsaws and flamethrowers. Stay alive long enough to find out the truth behind the disaster.