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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 27: Clip Ninja, Grabatron, Mike V: Skateboard Party, Alpha Wave

by Ian Black

On vacation? Enjoy some quality time with your Android device. Clip Ninja helps you remember everything you typed on your phone or tablet. For games, check out Grabatron, Mike V: Skateboard Party HD, and Alpha Wave.

Clip Ninja ($1.49)

This app captures everything you type on your Android device, no matter the context or app in which you typed it. It calls itself a clipboard manager on steroids.

Download the app and then type as you normally would in your browser, in email, in Facebook or whatever. Then go back into the app and it’s all there in little “clips” of text for you to review, sort or reuse. Filter the storage bank by application or view in chronological order. Never lose a phone number, address or contact’s info ever again!

Grabatron ($0.99)

Oooooh! Don’t get the scary aliens angry! This one has a humongous prize grabber attached to his saucer and he gets points for everything he destroys.

Guide the saucer and the grabber and go hunting. Score points for any kind of mayhem you create including crushing people or things, tossing them, or abducting them. Earn extra credit by grabbing one object and tossing it to smash another – like throwing a tank into a helicopter. Watch out! Sometimes the puny humans fight back with their military machines.

Mike V: Skateboard Party HD ($1.94)

Real urban skateboarding without the bruises and injuries. Select your skate girl or guy, choose your board, even customize your clothing with your favorite brands before heading out to the park.

The game delivers a large set of fantasy location for hardcore skateboard tricksters including an outdoor park complete with an abandoned bus, a school yard, office park, empty hotel pool, warehouse, train depot and cargo shipyard. The hardest stunts and the biggest air score the most points.

Alpha Wave ($0.99)

21st century Galaga? I think yes. Asteroids and aliens are raining down from the skies. You control a state-of-the-art sky canon with multiple modes and shields but that doesn’t mean you or your planet will make it out alive. What makes this modern are the stunning graphics, high-intensity action, and the extreme challenges of the objects coming in at different speeds and different angles.

As you might expect, waves become harder as you level up.