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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 22: TouchOver Map, aTimer, Enchanted Realm, Multiponk

by Ian Black

Bring your Android to every and all gatherings this holiday season. It can aid you in the kitchen (aTimer), get a party started (Multiponk), help you escape family stress (Enchanted Realm), and show you the power of mobile technology (TouchOver Map).

TouchOver Map (Free)

I studied Computer Science in college because I knew that computers and software were incredible tools that could help people. Here’s an example of that in the Android Market.

This research experiment provides map, location, and potentially navigation capability to the blind. Haptic technology provides tactile feedback to anyone who runs there finger over the application’s map – it vibrates when you touch a road and then says the street’s name out loud so you can build a mental map of where you are and where you’re going. Currently, this app only works for Sweden, Germany, and the U.S.

aTimer (Free)

My kitchen doesn’t have enough timers for all the recipes I use in a weekend dinner. Fortunately, now my Android device can pick up the slack. This top-rated timing app lets you launch 15 individual timers that can each be controlled separately.  Color codes – grey (not started), red (stopped), and yellow (paused) – inform you of the state of all your timers at a glance. Vibration and audible alarms tell you when a timer completes its task.

Enchanted Realm (Free)

Think FarmVille with fairy dust. This app description says it’s not a game; it’s a fantasy adventure! The evil sorceress Morgana brought ruin to this enchanted kingdom, but now a new king – that’s you – has ascended to the throne. Christmas is just around the corner – yes, in the game and in real life – and you must plan for successful festival like a magical Martha Stewart.

Erect residences and buildings, grow and harvest plants for cash, and complete the plot objectives to bring about a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Multiponk ($0.99)

Cross the original video game Pong with air hockey and pinball and then make it multiplayer and you get Multiponk. Play just by yourself or with up to three other people and you’ll have a party in no time. Guide your paddle with your finger, bounce the silver ball off the center bumper, and direct it toward your opponent’s goal. Sounds easy, right? Try adding about twenty more balls, more bumpers, fog and corner canons. I predict a holiday hit!