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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 19: Origami Instructions HD, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Space

by Ian Black

Running out of time to buy gifts? No worries. Make some out of paper with Origami Instructions HD.

For fun, check out Pirates of the Caribbean and the long-awaited Dead Space.

Origami Instructions HD (Free)

Feel like folding? Ask any mom: the best gifts are made by hand. Learn the old art of origami with step-by-step graphical easy-to-follow instructions. Make wild animals, birds, insects, flowers and much more. To stay current with the season, the app just added a Christmas category that includes a bell, a tree, and Santa. Remember, origami can be easily turned into ornaments.

The app asks novices to stick with the easy designs for the first few projects.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Free)

Timing can’t always be perfect. Usually, mobile games tied to movies bow just as the movie hits the theaters. This one, a companion to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, comes just as the movie comes out on DVD. Oh well.

It’s the social gaming on the open ocean, called Master of the Seas! Buy a ship and then start to gather a crew (by inviting your friends to join) for plundering. As you challenge and hopefully defeat your enemies, you gain more gold and gems that you can use to upgrade your ship and weapons.

Dead Space ($6.99)

Let’s call this an homage to the 1979 horror sci-fi classic Alien. A deep space mining ship answers a distress call of an adrift spacecraft. You play one of the mining engineers of the rescue vessel and things get mysteriously weird fast. Everyone on the ship in danger appears dead and you get separated from your crew just after you board.

From here, it’s a constant battle of survival against the strange and deadly creatures called Necromorphs. Your engineer doesn’t have any guns – just the weapons of his trade – bolt guns, plasma saws, and other construction equipment. Fight to stay alive for 12 chapters and solve the mystery of Dead Space.