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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 14: Personal, Dragon Hunter HD, Monopoly

by Ian Black

Like the shift from DVD to streaming video, everything old gets made new again in a modern format. For classic board games, the Android Market delivers the new digital version and the freshest example is Monopoly. Read more about it below.

Got private stuff you want to remember but not post for the world to see? Try Personal. And, for the big screen version of a popular game, download Dragon Hunter HD.

Personal (Free)

Isn’t it time you got more personal with your Android? The main drawback to Facebook, Twitter and other such networks is the sharing. Sometimes you just want to store digital info about yourself and your stuff. That’s where Personal comes in.

Store “gems” of information about you, your life and your family safely away in this service’s Vault. For example, secure your license or registration details, your home alarm codes, your kids’ social security numbers, etc. For others you trust you can grant access to your “gems” and request access to theirs. Build a network of your personal friends through the service.

Dragon Hunter HD (Free)

Attention fans of the tower defense game Dragon Hunter. Here is a new HD version to go along with that new Android tablet you might get over the holidays. Like the original, you must choose arrows with the appropriate powers (poison, dizzy potion, etc.) and the proper magic (fire, ice, wind and light) to kill the attacking dragons before they burn your castle to a crisp.

This HD version delivers higher resolution graphics, screen resizing appropriate for tablets, and support for the in-app purchase of coins through Google Checkout and the capability to get free coins from Tapjoy.

MONOPOLY ($4.99)

Do not pass GO! Do not collect $200! In fact, go ahead and spend five bucks because game night now arrives every night over your Android. Yup, it’s the original and still classic board game digitized for your phone. Invite your friends to play, and then shake your device to roll the dice. Tap properties to buy, sell or add houses or hotels to them.

Now, at least you’ll have a good excuse for missing that important meeting.