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Best Android apps for mobile workers of 2011

by Kristen Nicole

Mobility has completely changed the face of the office, as work is no longer bound by cubicle walls or business hours. The growth spurt in Android’s tablet market has helped establish Android devices as mobile work units, and several app makers are taking notice. Business apps are on the rise, leveraging device hardware, connectivity and carving out the workplace of the future. Here are some of the best Android apps for mobile workers of 2011.

Quickoffice Pro HD

Quickoffice made a splash in the Android Market this year, launching a new Pro HD app for tablets, and pushing through several updates to its handful of apps. The productivity app has ramped up features for the mobile worker including increased connectivity through cloud storage partners, and even social publishing capabilities. The interface is cleaner and better designed for Android handsets, along with additional viewing and editing features. This mobile Office app already offered the necessary file creation and editing tools for Windows products, but 2011 was encouraging for Quickoffice as it added document collaboration through popular services like Evernote and Catch, along with Box, Google Docs and SugarSync. Leading the charge for social enterprise, Quickoffice lets you take all your work with you.

Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce really looked to expand its mobile footprint with a few key developments in 2011, starting with the launch of an Android app. Though still in beta, Salesforce’s move to the Android Market indicates a promising future for the CRM platform. You can create and edit your Salesforce records, delivering instant access to your dashboard and account. For tech-savvy business people, Salesforce is a handy management tool that keeps entire teams on track. The full version is fully customizable for creating the features you need in your mobile Salesforce app, while the lite version offers the basics. Mobile will be key to Salesforce moving forward, especially as its software-as-a-service strategy finds more points of integration across Android’s platform.


Citrix is dedicated to the mobile space, so it was no surprise to see one of its most popular products, GoToMeeting, hit the Android Market. With this app you can hold online meetings, run through a slideshow or presentation. As with all Citrix products, GoToMeeting is very much geared towards business users. Its Android app lets you log-in to a meeting, view the accompanying presentations and reports, connect to audio and see other meeting attendees. Showing an understanding for Android’s varied screen sizes, GoToMeeting even lets you resize shared content for optimal viewing and presenting.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe’s always been a forward thinker when it comes to software, and mobile platforms such as Android’s presented another challenge for the company that’s always looking to stay ahead. Despite having to kill off Flash, Adobe remains dedicated to its mobile market, launching a new suite of tablet-optimized versions of its most popular apps, including Photoshop. One of the most widely used photo-editing programs, Photoshop Touch delivers all the core Photoshop tools you’ve grown accustomed to, enabling mobile tools to edit, transform and polish your images. Along with Proto’s website creation app, Kuler’s color-themed app, Collage’s moodboard app, Debut’s presentation tool and Ideas’ sketchpad, Adobe’s really helping Android tablets become professional devices that can support real work for today’s business world.


No matter what kind of project you’re working on, Springpad is a helpful personal assistant that auto-organizes your notes, and even sets up reminders, tasks and calendar events. Springpad’s had a big year in mobile, and was even early on upgrading its app to support Honeycomb for Android tablet use. It’s a great tool for passive research, keeping your notes clean and easily searchable. Springpad’s layering in more collaborative capabilities, having added social network integration this year so you can share and leverage interests and recommendations from your friends. Mixing cloud and organization tools, Springpad is one of my most frequently used apps on both my Android tablet and my laptop.

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