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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 13: easyJet, Little Empire, Halo Waypoint

by Ian Black

Halo remains a great game franchise but it’s not very portable. I tried to pry my flat screen off the wall, so I know. Your next best move may be to download the Halo companion app Halo Waypoint.

For a fast and pain free flight in Europe, try easyJet, and for building and defending your own kingdom, download Little Empire.

easyJet (Free)

Here’s one for Europeans. This airline flies all over Europe and the Middle East and prides itself on being inexpensive and, you guessed it, easy.

This app delivers the ability to book flights, manage bookings once established, add details like checked bags and save your personal info for future use. Know someone else currently flying easyJet? Then, view their flight status from your Android phone or tablet.

Make easyJet easier.

Little Empire (Free)

How’s this for an alphabet soup description? This game claims to be the “first LBS MMO game in 3D”. For the uninitiated, that translates to the first location-based service, massively multiplayer online game in three dimensions.

It’s really a twist on tower defense where you choose a hero and then defend your castle against attack. You can also go on the offensive and invade other castles and that’s where the LBS comes in. Marching your army to war requires you to get off your couch and move around.

Halo Waypoint (Free)

Halo isn’t just a game. It’s a career. This companion app lets you oversee your Waypoint Career progress, complete with Halo: Reach stats, your game history, your team’s campaign progress and a breakout of stats by weapon and enemy.

Use the app during your Halo: Reach battles for viewing multiplayer and firefight maps in real-time and scouting the locations of weapons and vehicles. Create a custom challenge right from the app and invite your friends to play it. Take Halo to go!