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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 12: Sketch Free, Shoot the Apple, Rock ‘em Sock ‘Em Robots

by Ian Black

Maybe you can go home again. If your childhood took place in the last half of the 20th century in America, a nostalgic trip back home comes cheap at 99 cents in the Android Market. The hugely popular game Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots returns as an Android mobile game. Put up your plastic dukes!

Artists with Androids can try leaving their sketchbooks at home with Sketch Free and to help an alien find the apple of his eye, download Shoot the Apple.

Sketch Free (Free)

Love to draw? Express your inner-self digitally with this new art app.

Choose from among eleven different brushes and then pick the width and color of your stroke. An undo/redo feature lets you fix mistakes. Save your finished work to an SD card or send it via text message or email.

Works best on Android tablets – just check the rave reviews. But, in case you’re inspired while out and about, it works well on phones too.

Shoot the Apple (Free)

Aliens like simple things, in this case, apples. As always though, the things we love remain difficult to attain. This alien needs your help to shoot the apple with his love ray but it won’t be easy.

Solve the physics problems at each level to direct the shot to the apple. You’ll have to navigate ramps, platforms, balls and buttons to get the apple and ray to meet. Experience playing billiards may increase your odds as ricochet shots frequently help.

Early reviews say the game is weird and addictive and the alien is cute.

Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots ($0.99)

Uppercut! Uppercut! This “sweet science” blast from the past comes out swinging on your Android.

The original plastic pugilists – Red Rocker and Blue Bomber – star once again in this digital game but this re-boot includes training sessions the board games never had. Hit the gym to increase strength (by pounding the heavy bag), defense (through your fancy footwork), stamina (by jumping rope), and style (through tapping the speed bag).

In the ring, of course, neither you nor you opponent leave until someone gets their block knocked off!