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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 9: Amazon Student, Tiny Village, Tip-Off Basketball

by Ian Black

You’ll have to wait until December 25 for the start of the NBA season, but you get your Android device in the mood today by downloading Tip-Off Basketball.

Save money to help pay off your student loans with Amazon Student and build the earth’s first town in Tiny Village.

Amazon Student (Free)

You don’t have to be a student to be thrifty but if you are, this app provides a way to save on things relevant to your life. For textbooks, buy new, used, compare prices or even trade in the ones you have. Scan a barcode on a textbook and the app will do an instant price check. You can do the same with movies, games, and electronics. Using Amazon’s trade-in program, turn your stuff into Amazon Gift Cards and then start all over again.

Tiny Village (Free)

Cross The Flintstones with SimCity and you’ve got Tiny Village. Your prehistoric outpost wants to modernize, but it needs the guidance of a great leader and municipal planner to be successful. Buy primitive tools (stone hammer) and building materials (tree) and set your cave men and women to construction tasks. For additional revenue, create a fur factory that turns mammoth fur into finely woven mammoth fur.

Don’t forget the massive magical rock in the center of your town. Upgrading it unlocks decorations, special boosts, and new buildings.

Tip-Off Basketball (Free)

How are your hoop skills? What about your finger flicking talent? Shoot baskets on a street blacktop with the power of your digits. In career mode, you’ll challenge over 40 levels and 100 achievements while attempting to enter the Hall of Fame. Frenzy Mode brings the heat of fiery basketballs at a machine gun pace. Network Mode lets you tip off against players from around the world. Use OpenFeint to brag to your friends.