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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 7: Kodak Document Print, Nordstrom, Brothers in Arms 2, Santa’s Village

by Ian Black

Toss your laptop in the trash. You don’t need it anymore. Now your Android device can print office docs wirelessly with Kodak Document Print App. On second thought, just put your laptop aside. I started to imagine all the angry comments.

For holiday shopping on the go, try the Nordstrom app. And, for fun, download Brothers in Arms 2 and Santa’s Village.

Kodak Document Print App (Free)

OK, so there’s a little setup involved. For starters, you’ll need Kodak AIO printer. Then, you’ll need to register it and connect to Google’s Cloud Print service. After that it’s smooth sailing, or, uh, printing.

Choose from docs stored locally on the device, web pages, photos, or docs from Google Docs, Evernote, or Dropbox services. Adjust the print settings – like orientation, tray, paper size and quality – right through the app just as you would over a PC. And, boom, print it.

You can also send print tasks via email as these Kodak models have their own email address.

Nordstrom (Free)

Some US states don’t have Nordstrom department stores and for some people, those are sad, sad states.

Take Nordstrom wherever you go with this new Android app. Browse for fashion goods by store department or by brand. Select sizes and purchase directly through the app or create a wishlist for when you hit the store. When you arrive in a Nordstorm’s site, you can scan bar codes through the app for more product information and inventory details.

The app also contains personalized shopping suggestions and a list of upcoming events in nearby Nordstrom stores.

Brothers in Arms 2 Free+ (Free)

WWII never fails as a war game setting. The battles were epic, up close, and as heroic as they were devastating. This game takes you there with great settings, action, and graphics. Use story mode to play across the different terrains of the Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and Sicily.

Create your own band of brothers by jumping to multiplayer mode where you can link other local devices in via Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi to play with others anywhere in the world. Choose from a vast array of weapons or take over a tank to blast the enemy to hell.

Earn or buy medals to move faster through the challenging game.

Santa’s Village (Free)

Feel Santa’s pain. Every year you just wait for the gifts to arrive while curled up in your Snuggie, never imagining the amount of work the man goes through.

You’ve built farms, mob gangs and a bunch of other large-scale projects, now put all that experience to good use and create Santa’s Village. You’ll need a toy factory, homes for the elves and many other buildings. Then, dive into the details of teaching reindeer to fly and negotiating a truce with neighbors like Yobo the Yeti.

Zoom around in 3-D to view what you’ve made and learn more about Santa’s thankless job, underpaid workforce and harsh working conditions through the comic book that unfolds as you progress. Fun for all ages.