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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 6: Remote Release, Hub, Fastfood Ninja, A Knight’s Dawn

by Ian Black

Feeling the holiday stress, yet? Reach out to calming friends via the new free chat service from Yahoo!, currently in beta, called Hub.

Photographers who own a Canon EOS DSLR camera should read about Remote Release, and gamers will enjoy Fastfood Ninja and A Knights Dawn.

Remote Release (USB) (Free)

Polish your photographic skills with this new app. Professional photographers commonly use a remote shutter release gadget. The non-app variety generally connect to a camera via a small cable, this connects from your Android device to a camera by USB cable. The purpose: to trigger the shutter without your hands touching the camera to avoid movement and to improve focus. This app supports most of the Canon EOS line of cameras but check the compatibility link in the app’s description to be sure your camera works.

This app is a free version of the more full-featured DSLR Controller paid app.

Hub (Free)

Yahoo! delivers this latest app entry into the popular group-communication category. Here, threaded group messages get pushed (as opposed to the slower polling method) out to all recipients for free. Send text messages to other Hub users or any mobile phone domestically or internationally. The app uses a Wi-Fi connection to your data plan so make sure you have both.

The app displays photos of those in a group by importing them from your contacts. It also allows every participant to add others into a conversation. It’s in beta now and could use your feedback. Get chatting!

Fastfood Ninja (Free)

All the fruit-slashing martial arts apps had it wrong! This smart ninja knows that fast food, not fruit, attacks the temple of the human body and he’s going on a diet, assassin-style!

Fling the Shuriken “throwing stars” at French fries, donuts, pizza, hot dogs, and other high-calorie, high-fat snacks to slash them from the menu. But, be careful, slicing the fruit and other healthy choices in this game will lower your score. Oh, and like Fruit Ninja, you’ll find an occasional bomb that you must defuse before it blows your diet.

A Knights Dawn (Free)

Think A Hard Day’s Night, medieval style! The evil hordes have invaded this magical kingdom and it’s up to the brave knights to defend the castle. The description in the Android Market claims this game arrives built “by gamers for gamers” and aims for maximum challenge with innovative gameplay.

The game combines tower defense concepts with a platform model in a way that works well to fight back boredom. Buy your knights more powerful weapons from the in-app store to increase their defensive strength, then place them where they’ll do the most damage against the advancing blood-thirsty creatures.