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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 5: UCam, Tank Riders, Shine Runner

by Ian Black

Do you carry a phone and a digital camera? Not many do, instead preferring to carry just one device. If you want to upgrade your Android device’s camera, take a look at UCam.

For fun, get behind the wheel of a tank in Tank Riders, or drive a blazing-fast fanboat in Shine Runner.

UCam (Free)

Want a fresh camera app? Try UCam. It’s new and highly rated in the Android Market.

It aims to be your only camera app by providing quick settings for sports, portraits, and other scenarios, letting you quickly turn on and off the flash and delivering photo-editing features like cropping. But then UCam goes above and beyond by offering a QR code scanner, one click photo sharing feature between your device and a PC, and the ability to create a fast GIF animation.

Try it for free and see if it captures your attention in addition to your images.

Tank Riders ($1.99)

This tank game delivers the feel of the 1980s arcade with the challenges and strategy of a modern game.

Play in single player campaign mode or in a frenzied multi-player mode. Fire cannons, missiles, and mortars and enemy tanks to blow them off the board. Explore short cuts and hidden passages in the maze-like landscape to sneak up on the bad guys. Advanced players can bank shots off walls.

Download extra levels for added fun.

Shine Runner ($1.99)

Drive to stay alive! Here you play the role of a moonshine runner who delivers all his wares via water rather than land.

Pilot a fast flat-bottomed fanboat of the kind you’ve probably seen in videos about the Florida Keys. Blast through docks, jump wooden ramps, smash sheds, and plow through gators and chickens in this “completely destructible environment” as you run from the police and catch coins for extra points.

Expect tilt or touch controls, detailed animation, and OpenFeint support. Maximize the smuggling of both moonshine and “tobacky” for the highest score.