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Google Maps now gives you the inside picture

by Marty Gabel

It’s amazing how often Google Maps gets updated and all the cool stuff they offer. Today's version 6.0 release is no exception, adding yet more useful functionality to an already brilliant app.

Android users are pretty lucky when it comes to Google Maps. We already have free navigation, offline caching, 3-D views and other great features. But today, Google have taken things to a new level with indoor maps. Here’s a video from Google, Inc showcasing some of its new functionality:

Now, not every building is covered, but it’s a step in the right direction and offers some incredible potential for the future. Right now there’s a handful of major US airports, some larger shopping malls, and a selection of big-box and department stores like Home Depot, Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Find yourself in an IKEA and don’t know where the sofas are? Whip out your Android device (providing you can get a signal of course) and see where everything is.

For those locations not covered just yet, Google also launched its Floor Plans page. Here, building owners can upload pictures or blueprints, line them up with the satellite image from Google Maps, and hey presto, an instant overlay and floor plan for everyone to use once approved by Google.

Coming soon to an Android phone near you: Directions to the hidden executive washroom at Appolicious Towers.