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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 29: FedEx Mobile, Fragment 3D Chapter 1, World of Goo

by Ian Black

When is $2.99 a bargain for a mobile game? When the game is World of Goo. Read why below.

FedEx shippers shouldn’t think twice about downloading FedEx Mobile and physics puzzle fans should check out Fragment 3D Chapter 1 Suspicion.

FedEx Mobile (Free)

Want to get personal with your FedEx shipments? The Android version of the company’s mobile app has finally arrived and you’ll never wonder about the location of your packages again.

How’s this for simple? Enter a FedEx tracking number and – boom – you get the latest location info without needing to log-in. Add a memorable nickname to a shipment and all future notifications through the app will include it. Need more? Get a shipping quote, create a shipping label, find the nearest FedEx location and more.

Fragment 3D Chapter 1 Suspicion ($2.32)

For me, the better the story, the better the game. From its description, this one has great potential.

A little robot named Fragment wakes up marked as scrap and headed to disassembly. He must escape, with your help, from destruction and make his way out of the garbage disposal plant in order to unravel the mystery. Why is this happening? Who would kill a live robot? And, what’s that strange smell?

Layered over the story is a cool physics puzzler. Solve the challenges to progress through the chapter and onward to the resolution.

World of Goo ($2.99)

What happens when avant-garde artists cut loose on a mobile game? World of Goo happens. In the guise of physics puzzler comes a modern art explosion with ground zero inside your Android device. The critical acclaim got piled on when this game first arrived on the PC and on iOS. All that’s left is for Android owners is to enjoy it.

You must build goo towers to reach the exit points for each level and while that might sound simple, there are giant doll faces, balloons, fire, water and mind blowing graphics to deal with on almost every screen. Back all of this with an incredible soundtrack that alternates between symphonic and jazz tunes and quirky sound effects, and you’ve got a mobile experience like no other.