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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 28: AirDroid, Songza HD, Desert Bus, Extreme Road Trip

by Ian Black

Hope you enjoyed your time with family over Thanksgiving! If you’re like me, all that family time has made your ready to hit the road, as in road trip. Two of today’s fresh apps – Desert Bus and Extreme Road Trip – put you behind the wheel for a virtual getaway.

AirDroid lets you control your device from a PC and Songza HD queues up some tunes on your Android tablet.

AirDroid (Free)

Even with the easy Android user interface, it’s still challenging to do all you need to over a small screen. With this app, you can control your Android through a web browser.

Manipulate files on your device including the ability to transfer them between your computer and your Android, cut, paste and copy them, or rename and delete them, even from an SD card. Read and send text messages, install and uninstall applications, preview and delete photos, search and create contacts, customize ringtones and alarms, and much more.

The service supports Android devices of version 2.1 or higher (but not yet 4.0) and the modern web browsers like Chrome 12 or higher and Firefox 3.6 or later.

Songza HD (Free)

Haven’t settled on a music streaming service? Give Songza a try.

In case you didn’t know, there are music experts out there and many of them work, or at least contribute, to this service. They create thousands of playlists across a wide variety of genres, ready for you to enjoy. The playlists come with descriptive names like “cocktail party,” “drinking at a dive bar,” and, special to nerds, “coding.”

The service catalogs over 14.5 million songs if the mood to build your own playlist strikes, and the app allows you to share your favorite playlists over Facebook and Twitter.

Desert Bus ($0.99)

Can a game be so real that it’s boring? Hmmmm.

This app simulates driving a bus from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s you, a bus, a pine tree air freshener, and 360 miles of desert road. This app was first released as a mini-game in the 1995 Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors video game, so you know to whom you can attribute the snark.

The reviews say it’s as realistic as it gets – a few recommend playing the app rather than doing the actual drive. All proceeds benefit Desert Bus for Hope charity for Child’s Play.

Extreme Road Trip (Free)

Your gas pedal is stuck! That’s the introduction to this car stunt game.

You have no choice but to drive your car off the precipice and hopefully land safely on the road, platform, forest path or dirt hill in front of you. Tilt your phone to set the best angle for your landing. The better your landing, the more you increase your odds of gaining a turbo boost for your next dangerous stuck-pedal run.

Once you’re over the fear, you can attempt crazy stunts in the air for extra points. Different cars provide unique aerodynamics and the explosions for poor landings are a total blast. Use OpenFeint to taunt your friends.