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So you want to get away this Thanksgiving...

by Marty Gabel

And when we say ‘away’ we don’t necessarily mean a vacation (though that would be nice). We mean away from the family for a bit, or away from the constant barrage of Black Friday sales and leftover turkey sandwiches.

We’ve already published our lists of great apps for Thanksgiving and for Black Friday, but if you’re stuck at home this weekend, or lumbered with annoying relatives and you really feel the urge to escape or need some time alone, why not try some of these.

RunKeeper (Free)

Nothing like a bit of exercise to relieve some stress or escape for a bit. The good thing about RunKeeper is that it will track your route for you so you don’t get lost (just in case you’re in a different neighborhood). It will also monitor the usual stuff like calories burned, distance run, pace and heart rate. If you’re feeling stifled at home or at the in-laws this holiday weekend, RunKeeper might be just the ticket.

Angry Birds Seasons (Free)

How about being thoroughly anti-social for a bit? You don’t even have to fork out a penny for this one, too. Download it, start from the beginning, and just spend hours flinging little birds at green pigs while the rest of the family watches TV or goes shopping. If anyone asks what you’re up to, just pretend you’re working or something. This seriously addictive title will definitely help you escape for a while, and even if you’ve played it before, chances are there’s some new levels you haven’t yet conquered.

Wapedia: 4 Wikipedia & more (Free)

A Wikipedia app? Yep, hear us out here. We’re choosing this one for a simple reason: the random article feature. Imagine the hours you could while away repeatedly hitting that ‘random article’ button in this app on your tablet or smartphone. Read about something interesting, rinse, repeat. You’ll never know what you’ll learn or what exciting article you’ll come across next. With its access to other interesting wikis (like Wikiquote, Uncyclopedia and Wikitravel) you could lose yourself for hours in this one.

Crackle (Free)

While Netflix and Hulu may offer a wider selection of movies and TV shows, they also need a subscription. Crackle, meanwhile, is free and gathers a somewhat random selection of old TV shows and movies many of which may surprise you (for better or for worse). Cranking up the app today I discovered movies such as Donnie Brasco, Snatch and... erm... Resident Evil. TV shows include classics like Seinfeld and not-so-classics like Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. Well, what did you expect for free?

Pandora Internet Radio (Free)

An oldie but a goodie, once again this one’s here for the simple reason that it offers something a little different from the norm. Why not get out of your comfort zone, choose an obscure artist (or even a genre of music you wouldn’t normally listen to) and see what intriguing playlist Pandora produces for you. Whack on your headphones, escape to another room and let the music wash over you. Who knows what track will play next, and what you might discover. A perfect escape awaits.